Tryouts for DS Soccer BAYS travel teams happen in the late Spring, normally end of May or first days of June. They are run by independent, external staff, from an area outside of the Boston Region, who do not know the players. The players are evaluated in a series of 'blind' and iterative exercises. These scores are then used, with head coach and assistant coach player evaluation data and DOC professional input, at the placement meetings to form teams. 

Dates, time and venue are announced mid Spring season.  Please pay attention to the year listed below as the site may still be showing last year's schedule. 

Spring 2021 Tryout Schedule

All spring 2021 evaluation sessions will be at Fessenden Field in Sherborn. 

Tuesday June 1st:  

4.00pm start for a 5.30pm end – RISING 7th & 8th grade/current 6th & 7th grade boys.

5.45pm start for a 7.15pm end – RISING 4th grade/current 3rd grade girls. 

Wednesday June 2nd:

4pm start for a 5.30pm end – RISING 4th grade/current 3rd grade boys.

5.45pm start for a 715pm end – RISING 6th grade/current 5th grade girls

Thursday June 3rd:

4.00pm start for a 5.30pm end – RISING 6th grade/current 5th grade boys.

5.45pm start for a 7.15pm end – RISING 5th grade/current 4rd grade girls

Friday June 4th:

4.00pm start for a 5.30pm end – RISING 5th grade/current 4th grade boys

5.45pm start for a 7.15pm end – RISING 7th & 8th grade/current 6th & 7th grade girls.

RAIN DATE if necessary will be time slots on Saturday June 5th.

The evaluation tryout sessions are run by assessors brought in from out of the area. The rankings and scores from these sessions are a complement to the coach evaluation sheets that score each player across fourteen criteria, weighted to match the Club’s player philosophy. Teams are formed to allow the players to develop optimally with and against players of similar ability. There are no evaluation tryout sessions for rising Grade 3/current Grade 2 players. 

The teams are formed using coach evaluation sheets from previous seasons and input from the Director of Coaching. While we have a default structure based on the grade and number of teams (3rd Grade: 4 Teams AABB, 3 Teams ABB, 2 Teams AA. | 4th-8th Grade: 4 Teams ABCD, 3 Teams ABC, 2 Teams AB), the coordinators, in conjunction with the Director of Coaching and Presidents, will have the option to make modifications to the default structure for particular cohorts based on the data.

Rising 7th/8th Grade Player Goalkeeper Tryouts

Goalie tryouts will be done in conjunction with the "normal" field player tryout sessions for the rising 7th and 8th grade aspiring goalies.

Tryouts will last ~45 minutes and be run by our Director of Coaching, Brad Friedel.

For the rising 7/8 boys the goalie tryouts will follow the field tryouts and start at 530PM on Tuesday June 1.

For the rising 7/8 girls the goalie tryouts will precede the field tryouts and start at 5PM on Friday June 4.

Anyone interested in playing goalie for the 7/8 teams should plan on attending goalie tryouts.

ALL PLAYERS are required to attend "normal"/field player tryouts as well. Goalie tryouts are "in addition to" field tryouts for aspiring goalies and aren't a signal of intent to "play only goalie" for the upcoming season.


Any questions, please email our tryout coordinator, Charlotte Phillips [email protected]