TeamSnap Rollout Continues

TeamSnap Rollout continues for the second consecutive Season for our 3rd through 8th grade BAYS teams!  

For those not familiar, TeamSnap is an online site and mobile app designed to help sports teams organize and communicate.  Team contact info, schedules, communications, popsicle lists, player availability, and more … all in one place.  

You should have received an invite from your team’s coach or manager followed by quick and painless registration.   Until then, teamsnap has a quick introduction for players and parents at:  Use TeamSnap as a Parent/Player/Fan

And if you ever need technical assistance, TeamSnap’s Support Team can be contacted by email or chat: Contact Team Support

Refs - Any question on post-season payments?

If so, please go here and find answers to all questions.

AEDs - Details on Fields

Coaches and parents, please note that that there is an AED (Automated External Defibrillators) located at each playing field.  Details for both Dover and Sherborn fields are below.

DOVER fields:

All AED’s have adult and pediatric (located in the back zippered compartment) pads.

  • 1 device at the Caryl 1 Baseball Field located in the yellow box behind the backstop
  • 1 device at the Chickering Field located in the yellow box behind the backstop
  • 1 device at the Upper Chickering Field (near the Chickering School).  The box is on the tree (right hand side) and the combination is 0-0-0
  • 1 device at the Caryl Park Field (field not in use this Spring but AED is on site)

All combinations are 0-0-0-0 or 0-0-0 (depending on the lock) to open the box with the AED.   

SHERBORN fields:

These units does not need a lock combination to access- these are in alarmed cases. All of Sherborn (police, fire, schools, public buildings, fields, pond) has the same units: Powerheart G3 Plus, which are fully automatic, giving verbal instructions and will not administer a shock if a heart beat is detected nor if a bystander is touching the person needing help.

Here is the video from the training session for the Powerheart G3 Plus, which could be helpful 

What it's all about