Why the earlier sign up deadline? 

 Because this is the first season that the players will play in an externally run league, there are deadlines set by the league and not DS Soccer Club. We need final numbers by mid June at latest to form and register team rosters with the league. Please register your child here.

What happens if I forget and try to sign up my kid late i.e. a week or so before the season starts – it has been okay in the end in previous years ?

Sadly this year, it might not be. We try to help every player play soccer and we know life gets crazy, but at this age and higher, there is a hard cutoff point set by the league. Also, we try to have roster sizes between 9 and 11 for 6v6 teams. 12 would be the very largest. Less than 9 is too few and more than 12 means players sit too much. If teams are full, there is no guarantee that a late registered player will be able to play on a team. So, again, please register your child as soon as you can.

How different is the soccer in Grade 3?

Most importantly, it is still the same huge fun! The games look a lot like the game that 2nd graders have been playing this year. Same 50x35 fields, same sized goals, same ball, 7v7 including a goalie, a ref (usually a Middle or High Schooler). “Proper” rules are observed i.e. corners, throw ins, free kicks etc. As before, players will continue to have approximately equal playing time and will play different positions as they continue to learn and develop as soccer players.

How many practices are there?

In Grade 3, there is still just one practice per week, arranged by the team’s coach – and then one league match on Saturday. The club and coaches will attempt to conduct joint practices for this cohort where possible.

Who will my child’s team be playing?

Unlike 2nd grade and younger, the 3rd grade teams will be playing teams from other Metrowest towns. The league does try to group opponents geographically to avoid longer drives to away games. 

How long is the season?

The season is the same as in younger years – it has 10 league matches and will start very late August/early September and will run to mid November. Spring Season will run April to June. 

How are teams formed?

Based on our club's mission statement and philosophy, this is the first year that teams are "tiered" as opposed to "balanced". While we have a default structure based on the number of teams (4 Teams AABB, 3 Teams ABB, 2 Teams AA), the coordinators, in coordination with the DOC and President, will have the option to make modifications to the default structure for particular cohorts based on the data (coaches evals).

How many teams will there be?

Given this grade’s size and previous enrollment numbers, the Club expects four fairly large rostered teams but that may change depending on final numbers. We understand that some players will miss the odd game for family travel, sickness, other conflicts and try to set our team roster sizes accordingly.

Who will coach my child?

As before, and with all DS Soccer teams, volunteer parent coaches will coach our teams. The Club, with our Director of Coaching, has a coach education effort to prepare and help coaches do the best for the teams and the players.   

Are there different uniforms?

Yes. Very nice and smart looking ones. This link has all the details on how and when to buy them. https://dssoccer.net/uniforms-equipment