It is DSSC’s expectation that you ensure that the goal differential is no more than 5 goals in any game, as is clearly stated in BAYS guidelines. The best way to do this is to make a plan ahead of time.  Here are some tips:

In the past, we have unfortunately recorded some very lopsided game scores in BAYS. We have to remember that our players are all young, and teaching sportsmanship is much, much more important than racking up goals. 

To help prevent large goal differentials in future games, we want to provide coaches with some proactive game management strategies. Attached below is a presentation that very clearly lays out a wide variety of suggestions to avoid running up lopsided scores against a weaker opponent. If your team is quickly up 3 or 4 goals, game management starts immediately! Fast response is critical.

BAYS would like to see goal differentials of no more than +5. Beyond that, we believe shows poor sportsmanship and lack of respect for your opponent. It is the coaches' responsibility to manage the scoring and take the necessary steps to keep within the suggested goal differential.

The presentation linked below contains strategies to manage the score when the teams are obviously mismatched.

BAYS RESPECT - Lopsided Game Management Strategies

Additionally, excessive score differentials result in negative consequences for the team's standing results. The point value of a win with an excessive goal differential declines in value to discourage teams from running up the score. 

  • Win if goal differential is +7 or less: 3 points
  • Win if goal differential is +8: 2 points
  • Win if goal differential is +9: 1 point
  • Win if goal differential is +10 or greater: 0 points
  • Tie: 1 point
  • Loss: no point
  • Win by forfeit: 3 points
  • Loss by forfeit:  -1 point (minus one)

Teams tied on points within a section display in the order of their Team ID#, lower number team listed first. 

NOTE: BAYS never uses goal differential to decide team standings in the regular season. It is only used as one of the criteria (capped at +/- 3 goals per game) when two qualified BAYS MTOC Playoff teams need to have seeding determined.