1. Know the Law and the rules.
  2. Be professional; i.e. be on time, in proper uniform, prepared, fit, etc.
  3. Study the game and the spirit of soccer.
  4. Attend meetings, clinics, and seminars.
  5. Show respect to players, coaches, parents and spectators.
  6. Explain rules, when needed.
  7. Help less experienced referees.
  8. Play the game to better understand it.
  9. Seek evaluation from coaches/players.
  10. Be assessed regularly.
  11. Smile and enjoy the game.
  12. Be firm, fair and honest.
  13. Be consistent.
  14. Accept only the number and level of assignments that can be done well.
  15. Be neutral.
  16. Know and use proper procedures.
  17. Always remain calm.
  18. Take each game seriously.
  19. Implement good management techniques
  20. Show confidence