How To Reschedule A Makeup Game

For rescheduling BAYS games, it is the responsibility of the HOME team to supply a date, field and referees for the reschedule.  For settling on an agreeable date, you as the home team coach should work with the opposing team’s coach as described below.  For getting a home field and referees, your SOLE contact is the email address [email protected]- please DO NOT EMAIL the field or referee assignor directly or send any multiple recipient email.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Please try as hard as possible to play the game. The league lets a team play with one less than the roster size i.e. play with 6 for a 7v7 game, or play with 8 for a 9v9 game. Tactical reschedulings just because one or two good players are absent will not be allowed. If you are playing without subs, you can ask the referee to break the game into quarters to allow extra water breaks and rest.  Most if not all referees will allow this.
  2. As soon as you know the home game cannot take place, email [email protected] and let the Club know.
  3. Read the rescheduling rules on the BAYS website. Connect with your opposing coach, by phone or email and confirm with him/her 3 possible makeup dates - one should be a weekend (Sunday or double header on Saturday) and two should be weekday, after 5pm. As per BAYS rules, there are time limits, typically 3 weeks, by which the rescheduled game should be played. If the reschedule goes beyond the time limit then it is at the discretion of the BAYS Division Director whether or not to count the game in the official standings or count it as a forfeit.
  4. Send an email to [email protected]citing: a) your team name/grade/boys or girls b) the game number (found on your schedule in and c) your THREE makeup agreed options.
  5. A field and then a referee will be assigned - the game will be changed in and you will receive an email with the confirmed makeup date for the game. You should assume that this will not happen until 5 days from you sending the makeup game date choices.

*NOTE: Field Status (Open/Closed) will be updated on the website by 7:30AM for morning games and by 10:30AM for Afternoon games.