Rescheduling BAYS Home Games

It is the responsibility of the HOME team to supply a date, field and referees for the reschedule.  

To find an agreeable date, you as the home team coach should work with the opposing team’s coach as described below.  

To reschedule a game, the home team head coach is responsible for

● working with the opposing team’s coach to find an agreeable date and 

● communicating with the DSSC fields coordinator and referee assignor to secure a home field and referee(s) for the new date. 

*Your rescheduled game will not be updated in BAYS without both a field and ref(s)s assigned.

Please follow these steps:

1. Try as hard as possible to play the game at the originally scheduled time. The league lets a team play with fewer players than the field size i.e. play with 6 for a 7v7 game, or with 7 for a 9v9 game) Refer to the BAYS Game Rule Summary Chart to see what applies for your team.  Tactical reschedulings just because one or two good players are absent will not be allowed. If you are playing without subs, you can ask the referee to break the game into quarters to allow extra water breaks and rest.  If you are down players (such as 8 players in a 9v9 game) you can ask the opposing coach to match your numbers in the interest of having a competitive match. 

2. If a home game must be rescheduled, email [email protected] as soon as possible to let the field coordinator and referee assignor that the game will be rescheduled to a time TBD. 

3. Check the schedule for possible reschedule times. Read the rescheduling rules on the BAYS website. The home team is required to provide at least 3 possible makeup dates. Remember that Saturday double headers are an option as well as Sundays. Mid-week make up games are difficult due to referee availability and daylight hours in the fall and field availability in the spring.

4. Send an email to [email protected] citing: a) your team name/grade/boys or girls b) the game number (found on your schedule in and c) your makeup options. The field scheduler and referee assignor will respond as to whether there are fields/referees available for each of the times.  

5. Connect with your opposing coach, by phone or email and relay the possible make up dates/times cleared for field and referee assignments. As per BAYS rules, there are time limits, typically 3 weeks, by which the rescheduled game should be played. If the reschedule goes beyond the time limit then it is at the discretion of the BAYS Division Director whether or not to count the game in the official standings or count it as a forfeit.

6. Once an agreed upon date and time is known, email [email protected]with the final request. 

7. A field and then a referee will be assigned - the game will be changed in and you will receive an email through BAYS with the confirmed makeup date for the game.

*NOTE: Field Status (Open/Closed) will be updated on the website by 7:30AM for morning games and by 10:30AM for Afternoon games.