Teams practice twice per week in the Fall and once per week in the Spring. Teams play one game per week over a 10 week season. Coaches are encouraged to arrange one of their practices per week to be alongside all other teams from their age/gender group (e.g. 6th grade boys). As far as possible, coordination and efforts are made with other sports and events to cause as little conflicts as possible - we want our players to be able to play!

Teams are formed through the club's Player Evaluation Process - players play in  U10 (4th grade), U11 (5th grade), U12 (6th grade), and U14 (combined 7th and 8th grade) teams. While we have a default structure based on the number of teams (4 Teams ABCD, 3 Teams ABC, 2 Teams AB), the coordinators, in coordination with the DOC and President, will have the option to make modifications to the default structure for particular cohorts based on the data (coaches eval, tryouts).

Players, coaches and families are encouraged to embrace the Club Identity and coaches are encouraged to utilize the support of the club's age-specific Curriculum.

Moving from Grade 6 to Grade 7/8: At Grade 7 and 8, blended teams are formed from the two-grade cohort. This is intended to be a gentle half step for the players before they go to High School and play in teams from a four-grade cohort. Please know teams are formed on merit only and have no quota for each grade at this age.

Location: Practices will be held in either town at either Laurel Farm (Sherborn), Fessenden Field (Sherborn), Caryl Field (Dover) or the Chickering Fields (Dover).

Dates: The season will begin early September in the Fall, ending mid November. In Spring, it begins early April, ending mid June. 

Day(s)/time(s): Practices will be on weeknights typically for 1.5 hours somewhere between 4 and 7PM. Games will be on Saturdays, with times to be finalized once the towns confirm field availability.  Though there can be exceptions, the normal game times are listed here