The Coaches Handbook which can be found HERE contains a wealth of information for coaches including the all important Welcome Letter (more on that below) and suggested formations for 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11. You may also refer to the BAYS site for Rules of the Game by grade- it is a helpful matrix.



  1. Once rosters are released, within a week please send a welcome letter (feel free to plagiarize the template attached at the bottom of this section!) to your team to include:
    • Season expectations…Good Sportsmanship, Code of Conduct and BAYS ZERO TOLERANCE can be included or referenced on the website
    • Reminder…no metal or plastic hair pins, necklaces, earrings, watches, wrist bands, etc. at games or practices. Studs wrapped in a band aid are also not allowed.
    • What the players need: ball (U9-12 Size 4; U14 Size 5), cleats, shin-guards and a water bottle
    • Seek a volunteer for organizing oranges or popsicles for games
    • Uniform…they keep the same number throughout their time with D/S soccer. If someone does not have a uniform, they go to Tri Valley Sports in Medway to pick up their shirt, shorts and socks. Make sure all players wear the correct complete uniform to all games.
    • Dover-Sherborn Soccer makes all field open/closed decisions with the Town’s Recreation Department. Have a procedure for notifying of a cancellation or field change. Monitor the website to see if fields are closed and let your team know quickly. You do not cancel games if it is raining. If the fields are open you play.
  2. Once the field coordinator releases the field matrix, discuss with your assistant coach what the best two days, time slots and field locations are for your schedules. You should also consider conflicts with club team practices if applicable. Let the field coordinator know quickly as space fills. NOTE: 3rd Grade is one practice per week at a pre-set day/time/location.
  3. If you have not coached before, email Susan Cottrell a small photo for your coaches’ card.
  4. Attend the pre-season MANDATORY coaches meeting where you will get either a new coaches’ card or a decal updating your existing (which you need to bring to the meeting).
  5. At the coaches’ meeting update your existing team gear with needed equipment and first aid items. If new to coaching, you can create a bag with balls, cones, pennies, a pump, first aid items, etc.
  6. Update your BAYS coaching record if needed to ensure current email, home phone and cell phone are accurate.
  7. Using the FINAL roster which includes the division and section, update it with player numbers. Print and sign it and then make a bunch of copies so you and your assistant have them for games. You will need two per game.

  8.   Always bring your coaches’ card and two rosters to each game. Both are mandatory. Without rosters a game can only be played for friendly purposes. One idea is to print out 20 copies of the roster before game 1 of the season and keep them in your car. Also, keep your coach's card either in your wallet or your car as well. 
  9. If the fields are open you should play the game. However, if you need to reschedule a game due to field closure, field availability issues, or player count follow below:
    • Notify the opposing coach
    • Notify the field coordinator and referee coordinator by email
    • Try to use a practice slot to decide on a mutually acceptable new date/time. If you can not, ask the field coordinator for some options.
    • Set the new game day/time and notify field coordinator and referee coordinator by email
  10. If within 10 minutes prior to a game you do not have a referee present, call the referee coordinator, Amy Davis at 508-934-6431.
  11. Weekly you will need to:
    • If you are home, email the opposing coach and check in re: field location and share your contact details as a courtesy and in case of emergency
    • Send the final score from your game to the pre-assigned section head
    • Send a quick email to the team reminding them of the upcoming practices and when and where the next game will be played. Other content can include a recap of the game, a reminder to practice at home and/or a reminder to bring to all events a ball, shin-guards, cleats and water
  12. As the season passes the half way point, begin to think about player evaluations. These will be emailed out to be completed close to the end of the season.
  13. At the start of the game, when you meet the referee, ideally with the opposing coach, just ask a clarifying pre-match series of questions…”can I just check the 6v6 rules before we start?...retreat to halfway on goal kicks?…no offsides ? No punting over halfway, but goalie can throw over ? No subbing on a corner but subbing on throwins if it is mine and if it is theirs then they have to sub as well for me to do it ? When a penalty kick occurs, all other players retreat to the halfway line…is that about it?”. Takes about 45 seconds but all the key points have been agreed by all before the whistle. That way, both sets of coaches and the young referee are all on same page at the start.

  14. Promptly submit your player evaluation forms on or before the deadline.

  15.  If you hold any pizza parties or events, the Club will reimburse you - send the receipt by email to the Treasurer for processing. PLEASE  NOTE - There is a $50 limit for PreK through 2nd grade teams.     $125 limit For BAYS 3rd through 8th grade teams. 

  16. If you want to use any certificates, try this sample one below here for editing. 
  17. Please attend the placement meetings after the close of the season to help sculpt the teams for the next season. To attend you must have coached during the current season and completed the player evaluation form.
  18. DS Soccer will reimburse any external tournament fee for a DS Coach with a team of only DS players to a maximum of $325/team - we strongly encourage coaches to enter these tournaments - they are huge fun & great for the players!