When forming the fall season Prekindergarten rosters, the Director of Coaching (DOC) and the K-2 coordinators work to form teams which are evenly split between Dover players and Sherborn players.

From spring onwards for kindergarten, and for both fall and spring seasons for grades 1-2, the club’s process for placing players is based on two main targets: 1. Trying to ensure the teams are ‘balanced’ in ability & 2. Getting as close as possible to 50% Dover and 50% Sherborn within the team

To try and ensure teams are balanced, the DOC and the PreK-2 coordinators will recreationally consult with coaches close to the end of each season to discuss players who are beginning to show a little extra development and ability on the field. Those players are then divided up equally into however many teams are formed, based on the total number of registrants for the grade and gender group.

As with all aspects of soccer, none of this placement process is an exact science! Players of these ages are like sponges and they develop practice to practice, and game to game. Some players get bitten by the soccer bug at 6, and some people at 16 – DSSC recognizes that while we try to balance teams, superstars at this age really can be created overnight!

For information on what Dover-Sherborn looks at when considering player development and ability, please visit What is the DS Soccer Way?

If you have any questions regarding the team-forming process, please contact our Director of Coaching.