Players Code of Conduct

By registering with DSSC, players are agreeing to :

A. Conduct themselves at all times in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner.

B. Do their best to attend all practice sessions and games, and at all times follow the instructions of the coaches.

C. Not engage in disruptive or disrespectful behaviour during practice sessions or games towards fellow teammates, other team players, the coaches, the referee, or spectators.

D. Not engage in any bullying, antagonism, foul or abusive language, or other intimidation of teammates or other team players.

E. Understand that soccer is a team sport. Teams "win together and lose together". Expressing sentiment such as "I am the best on the team" or "we could not have won that game without me" is unacceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated by the coaching staff.

F. Demonstrate a willingness to learn the game of soccer, and actively participate in drills, exercises, and scrimmages.

G. Understand and accept that their placement on teams may vary from season to season.

H. Dress neatly, the uniform will be clean and in good condition.

I. At practice and games, ensure playing areas and sidelines are kept clean, and all waste and trash is disposed in the proper receptacles.

J. Properly represent our soccer club and our community at all games and practices.  

It is an organisational ambition for DSSC to be regarded as a highly respected, friendly club - a place where other communities experience a welcoming atmosphere that they look forward to returning to. Everyone associated with DSSC is responsible for ensuring that our community is recognised in this way.