Spacing Requirements

Massachusetts Youth Soccer has mandated several spacing requirements to minimize contact and exposure between players during the current Covid crisis.

- The 25 Participant limit HAS BEEN REMOVED!!!

- Spectator limits have been removed as long as 6 feet of separation between family pods can be maintained at the facility.

- Shared team snacks are not allowed. Bring your own water bottle and snack. Do not touch anyone else’s belongings as sharing will not be permitted.

- (As of May 14, 2021) Teams can play multiple games against multiple teams in a given day. Tournaments are now allowed.

- Fields used consecutively should have 20 minute buffer between uses UNLESS the facility has a stringent field entry/exit process that eliminates the possibility of any congregations between events. Players must leave immediately after their session. Players should not arrive at their field earlier than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled arrival time.

- Teams that wish to schedule warm-up time prior to their sessions must build that into their scheduled session/rental time.

Field Capacity for Practice Sessions and Games:

Field Capacity