2nd grade girls is where friendships mean more than goals and the love of soccer is palpable.

Summary and Structure

New Concepts:  A more structured game (with referees) will be introduced in order to prepare the players for travel season starting in 3rd grade.  New concepts include:  goal kicks, throw-ins, corner kicks, & free kicks.  Please refer to the Rules of the Game for details about how the second grade games are organized and run (file attached at the bottom of this page). 

Practices:   Director of Coaching will lead the practice once per week for 45 minutes, with volunteer coaches running the additional 30 minutes (new concepts, scrimmages, game prep, etc.).  



Practice Tuesday 4PM Dover (field TBD)

Games Saturday 11AM Laurel



Practice Thursday 4PM Dover (field TBD)

Games Saturday 9AM Laurel


2nd Grade Girls Soccer Pic

2nd Grade Boys.   #textbooktechnique
2nd Grade Boys.   #textbooktechnique