Our Partnership with GPS

Dover Sherborn Soccer Club has partnered with Global Premier Soccer (GPS) since 2011 to provide a Director of Coaching (DOC), an updated and age appropriate curriculum for our players and coaches, and a professional coaching advisory resource for the Club in all soccer matters. Our DOC not only runs group skill nights for several teams but she and her team support and coach the parent volunteer coaches of our Club - they are the advisors who help our very busy and amateur parent volunteers lead our players and teams to have the most fun and rewarding soccer seasons.

GPS works with town soccer clubs in New England and many other parts of the USA as well as runs their own 'club' soccer teams. We also work with GPS on providing indoor winter clinics for our younger PreK-5 players and retain GPS to design and run our end-of-spring evaluation sessions. For these sessions, independent GPS evaluators are brought in from outside the Boston MetroWest region to 'blindly' assess our players so that they may provide data that aids our coordinators and the DOC in their team formation process. 

Our partnership with GPS is crucial to providing the best soccer experience for our players and families.

ALSO, if you are interested in the GPS "Host-a-Coach" Program, please contact our Director of Coaching, Charlotte Phillips.


Host A Coach