How are Referees Paid?

For Grade 2/U8 games worked by trainee refs, Checks will go out from the Club within 3-4 weeks of the final weekend of the season.

For BAYS games, BAYS now pays all referees for each game regardless of age - EXCEPT Assistant Referees on 9v9 games. BAYS sends out checks several times per season.

However you will NOT be paid if you do not submit your report in BAYS.ORG.

DS Soccer pays referees in one end of season check for all of the following:

  • 9v9 AR work
  • a $5 top up for U14/Gr7-8 AR work. 
  • Your frequency bonus (see below)
  • Any extraordinary work or extraordinary bonuses (i.e. over Memorial Day weekend or Week 10 of Spring seasons)
  • Any mentoring of trainee referees for Grade 2 games

Please note that checks from  will go out within 3-4 weeks of the final weekend of the season. 

DS Soccer also pays a $5 top-up for AR work at U14/Grade7-8 games, this comes from the Club in the end fo season check. 

Referee Frequency Bonus:

The Club pays a frequency bonus. Five games worked = $50. 10 games = $120. 15 = $200. 20 = $300.25 = $425 Also just FYI if you know anyone to whom this pertains, all referees who will have worked as a referee in their busy High School Senior year will receive a $300 (minimum 5 games) scholarship check for college books. Checks normally are sent within 3-4 weeks after the final weekend of the season - we always try to be as swiftly as possible but we are a volunteer organization so please bear with us.