Field Status

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If you need to reschedule a HOME game, you SOLE contact is the email address [email protected] - please DO NOT EMAIL the field or refereee assignor directly or send any multiple recipient email.

Please follow these steps:

1. Please try as hard as possible toplay the game. The league let's a team play with one less that the roster size i.e. play with 6 for a 7v7 game, or play with 8 for a 9v9 game. Tactical reschedulings just because one or two good players are absent will not be allowed.

2. As soon as you know the home game cannot take place, email[email protected] and let the Club know.

3. Read the rescheduling rules on the BAYS website. Connect with your opposing coach, by phone or email and confirm with him 3 possible makeup dates - one should be a weekend (Sunday or double header on Saturday) and two should be weekday, after 5pm. 

4. Send an email to [email protected] citing  -your team a) name/grade/boys or girls b) the game number (found on your shcedule in and c) your THREE makeup agreed options.

5. A field and then a referee will be assigned - the game will be changed in and you will receive an email with the confirmed makeup date for the game. You should assume that this will not happen until 5 days from you sending the makeup game date choices.