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2nd Grade

2nd Grade Program

Summary and Structure

The 2nd Grade soccer program involves one 'clinic' practice midweek for boys, and one 'clinic' practice midweek for girls - which will be run by volunteer coaches, with the Director of Coaching overseeing 50% of practices throughout the season.

Intown games will then be played on Saturdays in structured 5v5 or 6v6 mini-games for 9 weeks.   

Players, coaches and families are introduced to the Club Identity and players are developed through the 2nd grade  Curriculum.

Please refer to these Rules of the Game for details about how the 2nd grade games are organized and run.


Location(s):  All practices and games will take place at Laurel Farm, Sherborn unless otherwise communicated to the teams. 

Dates:  For Fall 2018, saturday games start September 8th and run through and including November 10th.

We now follow the BAYS calendar but no games Columbus Day weekend (fall season) and Memorial Day weekend (spring season) for second grade.

Fall 2018 Days/times:  

Games (at Laurel Farm, Sherborn):

Boys Games - Saturday's at time TBD

Girls Games - Saturday's at time TBD

Please have your players on the field 20 min begore game time for warm-ups, ref checks, etc. 

Midweek Practices (at Laurel Farm, Sherborn):

Boys - Tuesdays, Time TBD

Girls - Thursdays Time TBD

Coordinators of the program are:

Girls: Eric Cullum

Boys: Ryan Debin

Contact details are available at:

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